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"End-of-Month Recap - March 2024"

Updated: Apr 24

Event Highlights: Easter Scavenger Hunt

Easter has come and gone, but the memories of our recent Easter scavenger hunting event are still fresh in our minds. It was a day filled with creativity, laughter, and plenty of egg-citements. An Easter scavenger hunt is a fantastic way to add some fun to the holiday festivities, and ZINZ organized an Easter hunting activity before entering the holiday.

Teams of students set off on their adventure, armed with clues, hopping along the hunting trails in Auckland CBD. During the hunting, students even spoke to some local students to solve clues😂 It was a great chance to get to know other classmates, deepen their connections, and improve their communication skills.

No Easter scavenger hunt would be complete without prizes. They had got Easter snack baskets when they returned from an exciting quest. 

Event Highlights: APA Workshop

Zealive Institute of New Zealand invited a professional APA instructor, Linchen Ma. APA style citation is commonly used for higher education, but it is tricky and frying brains...

Lichen studied psychology at several national universities and finished his Ph.D. at Stockholm University. 

He successfully provided a very useful, and easy-to-understand workshop for Zealive International students.

It will be useful and helpful for those students who aim for higher education, and this workshop showed our exceptional support for our international students.

What will happen in April...

Education New Zealand takes the lead in marketing New Zealand’s education industry around the world. ENZ’s next global brand campaign features international students in a testimonial video, photography, and live Q&A. It will play an important key role in supporting agents to promote New Zealand education and in spreading students' voices to the world. One of our Japanese students from Zealive Institute of New Zealand has been selected for this project. He went through a document screening, online interview, and in-person interview till he got to this point. The official filming takes place on April 12th, and Education New Zealand will be filming him throughout the day. 

Now we are preparing for in-class filming and extracurricular activities which will showcase a confident international student who is studying at Zealive Institute of New Zealand. 

This will be our first advertising collaboration with ENZ, and surely be the best opportunity for both ENZ and ZINZ. 

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