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​Enrol at ZINZ

The enrolment form contains various clauses, which must be agreed to prior to your enrolment being finalised. One of the conditions is that you agree to notify the institute of your current details, address, accommodation type and immigration status at all times – should you fail to do so your enrolment may be cancelled. Please read our terms and conditions. Contact us for more information.

Code Document Check

Upon enrolment all documentation pertaining to enrolment with be checked, photocopied and sighted as an original:

  • Offer of place

  • Enrolment form signed

  • Tuition agreement signed

  • Correct level of English for the programme, see entry criteria

  • Student visa, dates to be tracked via excel spread sheet

  • Health and Travel insurance for the duration of the programme

  • Academic records

  • Current contact details, residential address, type of accommodation

  • Course Information

Student Visa Checklist
Depending on your personal circumstance, the following original documents may be required in order for your visa application to be accepted and decided (please refer to the Immigration NZ website for the latest requirements):


  • Your valid passport

  • A fully completed and signed application form with one passport sized photograph that is to be included in the application

  • Evidence of the Financial Undertaking (or Living Expenses)

  • An offer of a place at a New Zealand training or educational establishment. This will be supplied by Zealive Institute

  • Evidence that the course fees have been paid up to a specified date. This will be supplied by Zealive Institute after course fees have been received in New Zealand

  • A written guarantee of accommodation for you here in New Zealand

An Immigration Officer may request an applicant to present further documents and/or attend an interview.

Please allow 25 working days for your application to be finalized.

Please contact us for address details of where to send your completed application to. This is usually the nearest NZ Immigration Branch or NZ Embassy or High Commission.

Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope or courier pack for the return of your documents.  NZ Immigration is unable to accept EFTPOS payment for applications received by mail; however they can accept credit card payment via Mastercard/Bankcard and Visa.

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