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ZINZ 24-hour / 7 Days Support Service -  Emergency Contact: 09 666 5582

24/7 support is available for every enrolled student which involves providing support 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week to ensure that all ZINZ Students are able to get their issue resolved no matter what day or time it is.

The contact person will be introduced on orientation day the contact details will be sent to students' email and added to your phone contact list.  

Student ID Card

Zealive Institute has teamed up with StudentCard NZ to offer students with student ID cards that provide access to exclusive discounts to over 100 discount partners nationwide. Commencing in 2024, students who are enrolled for a period of 12 weeks or more will be eligible to receive a student ID card at no charge.

Students do not need to bring any photos as the institute's staff will be able to take a picture for them.

Students will be informed once their student ID cards are available for collection.

AT Bus Discount – AT Tertiary Sticker

Students enrolled in a full-time course for 16 weeks or longer may be able to receive a AT Tertiary ID Sticker, which provides them with discounts on Auckland buses, trains and ferries when used with their AT HOP Card. Students can go to the institute’s reception to request a sticker.

More details regarding AT Tertiary Stickers can be found on Tertiary student concession (

The institute can assist students with activating their tertiary discounts on their AT Hop card. Students can contact the institute’s support team if they need assistance.


Zealive Institute offers free WIFI and computers on its campus for all students. Students can access these services whenever the campus is open. Computers are located in the computer room and students are free to use them when there is no assessment taking place and not in use by any other people. WIFI and computer passwords will be provided to students during orientation. Students must follow the institute’s Computer Use Policy stated in this handbook when using the institute’s computers and WIFI.

Student Lounge

There is a student lounge on campus, which is available to all students. The lounge also has a kitchen area with microwaves, a fridge, an oven and access to tap water. There are also tables and chairs in the lounge where students can socialise or have their lunch after classes.


There is a library on campus, which is open from Monday to Friday from 3:00 pm to 5:30 pm. The library provides various useful study resources such as English grammar books and novels, which can be used to assist with students’ study.


Printing services are available to all students. The printer is located behind the reception.

To access the printing services, students will need to purchase printing credit from the reception.

Students will need to contact reception for the latest printing costs.

Administration Matters

  • Document Requests

Students should contact the Administration and Pastoral Care person if they require any official documents from the institute such as Confirmation of Address, Academic Transcript or Detailed Attendance Record.

The institute will provide the requested documents within 5 working days.

  • Checking Attendance

If students want to check their attendance, they should also contact the Administration and Pastoral Care person. Students should provide their names, student IDs and course names when requesting their attendance.

The institute will respond to the requests within 2 working days.


  • Applying for Annual Holidays

Full-time students are entitled to 2 weeks of annual holidays for every 12 weeks of study. Unless approved by the institute, annual holidays must be taken in complete weeks and cannot be taken in advance.

If students want to take their scheduled annual holidays or take holidays in advance, they must complete a Holiday Request form and send it to the Administration and Pastoral Care person who will pass the form to the

relevant staff members for approval. Students should submit their holiday requests at least 2 weeks in advance

whenever practicable. Students must not take holidays without prior approvals from the institute.

  • Making Changes to Enrolment

If students want to make changes to their enrolment, they contact the relevant support staff of the institute in writing.

  • Making Changes to Enrolment Before Course Commencement

If students want to make changes to their enrolment before course commence such as deferring an enrolment, they will need to contact the Administration and Pastoral Care person, their agents or the institute’s marketing person and provide details of their requests in writing as early as possible. For refunds, please refer to the Refund Policy in this handbook.

  • Making Changes to Enrolment After Course Commencement

If students want to make changes to their enrolment after course commence, they should contact the Learning Advise & Course Planning, who will review and decide on the students’ requests.

  • Requesting Attendance and Performance Reports and Graduation Certificates

All students can request their Attendance and Performance reports and graduation certificates on the last day of their study by contacting the Administration and Pastoral Care person.

The institute will provide the requested reports and/or certificates to students within 5 working days after receiving the requests. Only students that meet both the attendance and course academic requirements to be eligible to receive a graduation certificate.

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