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Why Study in Auckland, New Zealand

Thanks to New Zealand’s internationally respected academic standards, Auckland is surrounded by a number of top-ranking institutions that can deliver for any student’s learning needs, whilst offering outstanding career opportunities within New Zealand. Auckland has been ranked amongst the top cities in the world for students to pursue a university education and we at Zealive Institute will make sure you achieve your goals.

Auckland, New Zealand is currently ranked 3rd in Mercer Quality of Living Survey in 2019, Important criteria are safety, education, hygiene, health care, culture, environment, recreation, political-economic stability and public transportation. Auckland has a wide range of daily activities from shopping malls to outdoor activities such as sailing, horse riding, hiking, surfing, paddle boarding or mountain biking.

We at Zealive Institute of New Zealand believe that Auckland, New Zealand is the perfect location for international students to get educated.

Auckland is called home by many different cultural groups from around the world, giving Auckland City a diverse cultural mix that is shown in its restaurants, meeting places, events, music and art.

All international students are welcomed into New Zealand with open arms, making Auckland feel like a home away from home. All learning institutions are legally required to prioritise the well-being of international students and we at Zealive Institute of New Zealand make sure all our international students enjoy a high level of care.

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