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IELTS Preparation


Course Description

The course is designed to address the skills and strategies required to improve bands in the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

The course concentrates on all four key skill areas, including Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking, with emphasis on vocabulary, grammar and language functions. Students will benefit from practice tests and resources based on actual IELTS tests.

Certification: NZQA Approved Training Schemes

Duration: 12 weeks +
Tuition Hours: 20 hours teaching + 10 hours self-directed study per week
Level: 5
Intakes: Weekly

Entry Requirement

A minimum age of 16 years old is required. Students need to have an intermediate level of English demonstrated through a minimum score of 140 in the Oxford Placement Test (IELTS level​) or other recognized international tests.

International students must also possess an appropriate visa with a valid study condition.

Course Structure

This course will give you intense practice in:

  • IELTS listening

  • IELTS reading

  • IELTS writing

  • IELTS speaking

  • Vocabulary & grammar

The course runs on a 12-week cycle and is delivered as full-time study. Full-time study comprises 20 hours of contact classroom time over 5 mornings or afternoons each week, and 10 hours of self-directed study. Students will attend IELTS mock tests once every 3 weeks to assess their IELTS levels. The basics of the test include listening attentively, understanding a reading text, finding information quickly and efficiently, improving writing skills, grammar and sentence structures, common errors to avoid and preparation tips will be covered in this programme.​

Focused students can expect to increase their score by 0.5 to 2 over a 12-week period.

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