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"End-of-Month Recap - February 2024"

Updated: Mar 1

Welcomed over 60 new students!

We were thrilled to extend a warm and enthusiastic welcome to all our incoming students. We had more than 60 new students in total in February from Japan, China, Colombia, Vietnam, Brazil, India, Chile, and Thailand. Our campus community was buzzing with excitement as we prepared to embrace diverse talents, perspectives, and aspirations. To ensure a smooth transition and a memorable start to their academic journey, we provided an extensive orientation to new students. From informative sessions on general resources and student services to engaging city tours, our orientation program was designed to empower students to navigate their experience with confidence and ease.

Event Highlights: Sushi-Making Workshop

On 2/2/2024, Zealive Institute of New Zealand invited the professional Japanese instructor; Washocook for a Sushi Making Workshop. The instructor demonstrated to us the traditional makisushi (thick rolls), and the challenging but rewarding uramaki (inside-out rolls). One of the most exciting aspects was the freedom to get creative. Students were encouraged to experiment with various fillings, from classic cucumber to more adventurous choices like avocado. Students enjoyed every single bite and a journey of discovery, hands-on exploration of a revered culinary tradition.

Event Highlights: Chinese Lantern Festival

Zealive Institute of New Zealand organized this special Chinese Lantern Festival to celebrate and appreciate the beauty of Chinese traditions. The event started with a lantern-craft workshop, and students enjoyed experimenting with different shapes, colors, and techniques to design their lanterns. The possibilities were endless, from traditional paper lanterns to playful designs inspired by nature. Then, the event moved on to the main session; the Chinese Language Hub. From interactive vocabulary sessions and multimedia showcases to engaging language and cultural immersion experiences, the hub offered comprehensive tools and materials to support international students on their Chinese cultural journey. The school invited a professional tea performer who showed students the traditional way of serving. Students were attracted to her performance and even experienced the original taste of Chinese tea. The hub provided a platform for cultural exchange and appreciation, fostering cross-cultural understanding and mutual respect.

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