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"End-of-Month Recap - January 2024"

We are back to school! 

After a long 4-week holiday, our new academic year has freshly started. Hope everyone enjoyed their break and had a wonderful time.  We welcomed around 8 new students and are so excited to have them as part of a community that values individuality, celebrates diversity, and fosters a love for learning. As we embark on a new school year, we strongly believe change is not just inevitable; it's an essential part of growth. 

May this academic year be filled with discovery, inspiration, and a sense of accomplishment for students, parents, and educators alike. Welcome back to school!

Summative Assessment 

Every 4 weeks, we organize summative assessments. This is an opportunity for students to level up their course, and it is important for both students and teachers to ensure their progress and understanding. Students studied very hard for the summative assessment. It might be stressful for them, but many students leveled up. We strongly encourage students to keep trying their best!  

Event Highlight

We had the English Hub that was focused on the Japanese culture on 24/1/2024. Adding to the multilingual students from the University of Auckland, we had five Japanese students showcasing their culture and sharing their experiences in New Zealand.  

Throughout the event, cultural exhibits and displays provided a glimpse into Japan's rich heritage. From historical celebrations to contemporary events, every corner told a story. The students explored the intricate details of Japanese history, architecture, and artistic expression. Students from various backgrounds came together, sharing their appreciation of their mother culture as well as their experience in New Zealand as international students. 

What will happen in February...

  • Traditional Japanese Sushi-Making Workshop

  • English Hub①: Sharing Thai Culture

  • English Hub②: Sharing Chinese Culture 

  • Chinese New Year Celebration 

  • Wellness Event - inviting a guest speaker

  • Skill Workshop

We are excited to see your hard work and spend more time with you all <3

Stay tuned for the upcoming events!!

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