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First day of School


On your first day, our friendly team will provide an orientation programme to help you with your studies and settle into life at Zealive on-campus.

A welcome pack will be emailed to you prior to your first day.


Arrive on campus




12:30 ~

Placement test 

(Grammer and writing)

Orientation start

Placement test


See you at the class!

* Order and ending time might change depends on the students' volume

* There will be an optional city tour conduct by one of out staff.

You are about to begin one of the most exciting times in your life, and everyone in the Zealive Institute of New Zealand wants to help you make your "ZINZ Experience" enjoyable and safe.

We want you to enjoy the campus and take full advantage of everything ZINZ offers and, in doing so, we encourage you to take appropriate personal and collective precautions when living, learning, working, and playing at Zealive Institute of New Zealand and in Auckland.

We take your safety very seriously and we want you to do the same. Zealive Institute of New Zealand takes the issues of sexual assault, hazing, and the dangers of alcohol consumption very seriously.

We ask that you commit to preventing these issues from interfering with your educational experience. Your safety is, and always will be, our school's top priority.

Please know that we are always available to you, and we encourage you to contact us for any reason, at any time.

You will see us around as you enjoy the campus, so please feel free to say hello or stop by and visit our offices or contact us by phone over the weekend. 

We strive to engage our community via education, information sharing, and training programs, as our strongest ally in deterrence and prevention. 

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