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"Rolling Waves of Flavor: A First Zealive Sushi Making Workshop Adventure"

Embarking on a culinary journey is not just about savoring delectable bites but also about mastering the art behind the flavors. On 2/2/2024, Zealive Institute of New Zealand invited the professional Japanese instructor; Washocook for a Sushi Making Workshop. Washocook offers the experience of Zen through Japanese Cooking. The tranquility of the mind obtained through Zen experience, along with the taste and nutritional value of Japanese cuisine, contribute to promoting harmony of the body and mind. Noriko Tominaga is the director of Washocook,  her journey to New Zealand began 14 years ago.  

The workshop unfolded in a space filled with the enticing aroma of rice vinegar and fresh nori. Students, ranging from seasoned food enthusiasts to those taking their first steps into the culinary world, gathered around a vibrant array of ingredients – nori sheets, sushi rice, and colorful vegetables.

Noriko demonstrated the meticulous process of rolling sushi rice. She guided us through the traditional makisushi (thick rolls), and the challenging but rewarding uramaki (inside-out rolls). The delicate dance of spreading rice, layering ingredients, and rolling the bamboo mat revealed the beauty of sushi-making as both a skill and an art form.

One of the most exciting aspects of the workshop was the freedom to get creative. Students were encouraged to experiment with various fillings, from classic cucumber to more adventurous choices like avocado. The workshop wasn't just about replicating a recipe; it was an invitation to express themselves through the art of sushi making.

As the workshop came to a close, we gathered around a beautifully set table adorned with our handmade creations. The vibrant colors and intricate patterns of the sushi rolls were a feast for the eyes. Students enjoyed every single bite and a journey of discovery, hands-on exploration of a revered culinary tradition. From mastering the basics to unleashing creativity, the workshop was a reminder that the joy of cooking lies not just in the final dish but in the process of creation itself. Hopefully, students felt inspired to bring a touch of Japan's culinary magic into their own kitchen.



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