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"Immerse Yourself: Exploring Thai Culture at a Language Hub in Zealive"

Stepping into this space was like embarking on a journey through the heart and soul of Thailand. Welcome to our Thai Language Hub, where we celebrate language, culture, and diversity connections! Held at Zealive Institute of New Zealand on 7/2/2024, this immersive celebration offered a beautiful insight into Thailand's culture. Inviting two local students from the University of Auckland and international students from all around the world, highlighted our variety and inclusion. 

Discovering the Language:

At the heart of the Thai language hub lies a passion for language learning and cultural exchange. Students at Zealive Institute of New Zealand came together to embark on a linguistic adventure. Led by a student from Thailand, classes were not just about mastering vocabulary and grammar but about learning and experiencing the nuances of the Thai language, unlocking doors to deeper connections with the local community.

Cultural Exploration:

Beyond language learning, the Thai language hub served as a gateway to the Thai culture. Through cultural showcases, Zealive Institute of New Zealand students were able to explore the vibrant traditions, traditional cuisine, and religious ceremonies that define Thai identity. Students from other sides of the world encountered a journey of discovery into the essence of Thai culture.

Community Connection:

Thai language hub is a sense of community – international students in Auckland united by a shared passion for the Thai language and culture. Our Thai Language Hub fostered an inclusive and welcoming environment where friendships flourish and cultural understanding deepens.

One of the most enriching aspects of the Thai language hub was the opportunity for conversations. Through conversation circles, students shared their thoughts about Thai culture, some cultural differences between Thailand and their own countries, and their experiences as international students in New Zealand. 

participants embark on a journey of mutual learning and growth, bridging cultural divides one conversation at a time. The Thai language hub served as a place for preserving and celebrating Thailand's cultural heritage. Through initiatives such as storytelling sessions and diverse conversations, students embarked on mutual learning and growth.


Students at Zealive Institute of New Zealand gained a profound sense of gratitude for the experiences shared and the connections forged. They honored the Thai traditions, ensuring that future generations continue to cherish and embrace their cultural roots. In this vibrant sanctuary of language and culture, they have not only deepened their understanding of Thailand's rich heritage but also discovered the transformative power of language to unite hearts and minds across borders. 


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Our next language hub will be about Chinese culture! This will be our last language hub, and we will have some special activities for the Chinese New Year celebration so come join us!

Topic: Sharing Chinese Culture in English 

Date: Friday, 23rd, Feb. 2024

Time: 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Location: Zealive Institute of New Zealand

Level 10, 67 Symonds Street, Grafton, Auckland

Zealive is dedicated to creating a distinctive, engaging, and non-commercial free "Language Hub" Our core mission remains to offer a Hub that goes beyond English language learning and fosters multicultural exchange.

We invite you to join us at Zealive Institute, sharing various stories from our language-learning journeys!

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