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Caring for International Students: Zealive's assistance with English and Candle Making 20/10/2023

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

In a world filled with screens and noise, there's something deeply therapeutic and enchanting about crafting something with your own hands. Zealive offers international students a chance to take a break from their daily English Learning routines by joining a fun candle making workshop.

The workshop had a pleasant atmosphere, with exciting scents in the air. Students had a skilled instructor from Serendipity & Co to teach us. They explained the basics of candle making, like how to mix wax and fragrances and how important the temperature is. It was interesting to see that making candles is a mix of science and art.

Choosing fragrances was the most exciting part. Students could pick from five different scents like "Vintage Suede," "Smoked Coffee Whiskey," and "Fresh Cut Roses." It felt like we were making students’ own special scents.

Once students had all our materials ready, it was time to get creative. students mixed, poured, and played with wax and fragrances. It was amazing how even a tiny bit of a different scent could change the whole candle. After pouring the wax, students had to wait for it to cool and harden. Then, students got to be artistic by placing coloured and shaped candles on top as decorations. This part was so much fun, and there were endless possibilities. students had to be patient, though, because if they waited too long, the wax got too hard to work with. And once all the students put the decorations on, they couldn't move them, or the candle would look messy.

With the help of our instructors, the candles were ready to be lit. The soft scents filled the air, making a peaceful and creative atmosphere. When the workshop ended, students had more than just pretty candles. They felt proud of what they'd made. These candles showed their creativity and the effort they put in.

The workshop wasn't just about being creative; it was a lesson in making things, and it reminded students how good it feels to create with their own hands. Students really enjoyed these creative and peaceful moments. Through candle making, students learned that they could make their surroundings and their own feelings better. Zealive assists international students not only with English language but also with fun and creative experiences that support their well-being.

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