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A Spooktacular Halloween Party: Zealive and Whitecliffe Collaboration

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Halloween is a time for ghoulish fun, elaborate costumes, and delightful treats. However, this year, language learning students were in for an extraordinary experience as Zealive and Whitecliffe joined forces to create a Halloween party like no other. This collaboration not only added a unique twist to the traditional celebration but also provided students with a fantastic opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture of the English-speaking world. The event was not just about language learning; it was about experiencing the spirit of Halloween and discovering the endless possibilities of higher education.

Language Learning with a Halloween Twist

The Halloween party, hosted by Zealive and Whitecliffe, was a roaring success among language-learning students. It provided a perfect platform for students to practice their English skills in a real-life context. As they mingled with native English speakers and fellow learners, they had the chance to converse, exchange stories, and engage in the holiday's spirit via quiz games. The eerie decorations, costumes, and spooky ambiance created an authentic Halloween experience, all while students practiced their language skills.

Getting Involved in the Culture

For language learners, it's not just about mastering the language; it's also about embracing the culture. The Halloween party allowed students to immerse themselves in a truly local tradition. They witnessed the elaborate costumes, indulged in pumpkin carving, and savored the delicious Halloween-themed treats, participated in a quiz game. By being involved in these activities, students got a taste of the culture and the authentic experience of a Western-style Halloween.

Visiting Whitecliffe Highlights

Whitecliffe representatives took the opportunity to introduce language learning students to the various majors and programs offered by the institution. In particular, they highlighted majors such as fashion design and jewelry design. Students were given a chance to visit these departments, talk to professors, and explore the campus. This not only gave them a sense of the educational environment but also fueled their aspirations to further their studies in these fields.

Judges from Whitecliffe: A Valuable Addition for the Catwalk

Professional judges from Whitecliffe enhanced the students' enthusiasm for the activity, hailing from the field of fashion design. They also instilled the essence of professionalism in the students. We witnessed the transformation of students, from initially shy and reserved, to boldly showcasing themselves on the catwalk. During the process of modeling, in addition to displaying Halloween costumes, their physical expressions became posters of inner growth, evolving from self-consciousness to confidence. We are delighted to see such a positive change in our students.

Feeling the Support from the Collaboration Between Language and Higher Education Providers

The visit to Whitecliffe was more than just a campus tour. It was an opportunity for language learning students to feel the support from higher education. They were inspired by the possibilities that a university like Whitecliff could offer and were motivated to pursue their academic dreams. The encouragement from Whitecliff representatives and the glimpse into the vibrant campus life left a lasting impression on the students.


The Halloween party collaboration between Zealive and Whitecliff was an unforgettable experience for language-learning students. It blended language learning with cultural immersion, while also shedding light on the exciting possibilities of higher education. This unique event allowed students to practice their language skills, learn about local culture, and explore potential academic paths. With the support of Whitecliff, these students left the Halloween party with not only improved language skills but also with dreams of pursuing higher education and careers in fields like fashion design and jewelry design. It was a spooktacular success, and it's likely to be a cherished memory for all who attended.

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