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Student Safety over Christmas and New Year Holidays

Supporting you to be safe on the road

With the holidays coming up, students should to pay attention to road safety and make sure to be are aware of the increased risks on the road over the holiday period.

Useful information links include: Driving in New Zealand and New Zealand Road Code Online.

While not compulsory, we highly recommend students to have at least third-party vehicle insurance if you drive a vehicle.


Supporting you to be safe in and around the water

Summer is here. No doubt you will be heading out to discover and enjoy New Zealand’s beaches, lakes and rivers.

To support students' safety in and around the water, we also encourage you to pay attention to water safety.

There’s more than one way to raise awareness about staying safe in the water, but if you need any tips or resources, be sure to visit Water Safety New Zealand.

If you need any help, you can either email us at or call our emergency contact person who is available during the holidays.

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