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Presentation on the Topic of "Health and Safety during Covid-19 Outbreak"

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

To increase students' understanding of English and promote their communication skills, the IELTS class at Business College delivered a presentation on the topic of "Health and Safety during Covid-19 outbreak".

The theme of this presentation was "Healthy and safety". While using academic vocabulary, students also talked about how to maintain a healthy life. Based on their own experiences, the students vividly explained and discussed in detail how Covid-19 has affected their lifestyles.

The teacher of IELTS class, Liam, also made comments on all the presentations. At the same time, General English students were invited to participate during the presentation and discussion.

The general English students also participated in a serious and active part during the presentation.

In the future, Business College will host further activities and encourage students to participate and so develop their communication skills in English.

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