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Matariki Event: Celebrating New Zealand Culture and Embracing Whānau Spirit at ZINZ

Updated: Mar 6

The Matariki event held at Zealive Institute of New Zealand was an exceptional celebration of New Zealand's culture, providing a platform for international students to immerse themselves in the country's rich traditions and enhance their understanding of the local way of life. The event not only served as a means to learn English but also fostered a sense of belonging and community, helping students find a whānau-like atmosphere in their new home.

The Matariki event organized by Zealive Institute offered international students a unique opportunity to delve into New Zealand's vibrant culture and forge connections with their peers.

One of the primary objectives of the event was to enable international students to enhance their knowledge of New Zealand culture. Through various activities, such as quizzes, and storytelling sessions, participants gained a deeper appreciation for the indigenous heritage of the land. The event provided an immersive experience, allowing students to witness the traditional customs and values that make New Zealand such a special place. This celebration showcased the significance of Matariki, the Māori New Year, and its importance in Kiwi society.

Zealive's commitment to providing a supportive environment for its students was evident in the thoughtful organization of the event. The sense of belonging fostered during the celebration extended beyond the event itself, creating lasting relationships and a network of support for students adapting to life in New Zealand. This emphasis on whānau (family) was a testament to Zealive Institute's dedication to making students feel at home.

Another significant aspect of the Matariki event was its focus on language learning. As international students from diverse backgrounds came together, the event created an environment conducive to practicing and improving English language skills.

Engaging in conversations, participating in language games, and joining language exchange activities allowed students to strengthen their communication abilities while also forming meaningful connections with fellow participants.

The Matariki event at Zealive Institute successfully fulfilled its objectives of enriching international students' understanding of New Zealand culture, facilitating English language learning, and fostering a sense of whānau in their new environment.

By embracing Māori traditions, students had the opportunity to experience the uniqueness of New Zealand's cultural heritage. Moreover, the event's inclusive atmosphere allowed students to connect with their peers and build a strong support system, enhancing their overall experience in New Zealand. Zealive Institute's commitment to promoting cultural integration and a sense of belonging was truly commendable.

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