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Be Safe and Feel Safe: A Joint Effort for Students'Safety

We are delighted to announce an exciting collaboration between the Local Police Department and Zealive Institute of New Zealand to bring you a series of safety seminars under the theme "Be Safe and Feel Safe."

This initiative aims to foster a secure environment and raise awareness about the importance of safety among students while expressing gratitude for the unwavering support of the Local Police Department.

At the heart of our community lies the steadfast dedication of the Local Police Department. Their tireless efforts in maintaining law and order, protecting citizens, and ensuring our safety deserve our utmost appreciation. Through their expertise and commitment, they have cultivated an environment where we can thrive, free from fear and uncertainty.

We extend our sincerest thanks to the Local Police Department for their unwavering support and dedication to our well-being. As an institution that values the safety and welfare of our students, Zealive recognizes the importance of creating an environment where everyone can feel safe and secure. Through our collaboration with the Local Police Department, we aim to instill a sense of confidence and preparedness among our student community. We want every student to be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate potential risks, both in the local community and beyond.

Moreover, we believe that these safety seminars will highlight New Zealand's unwavering commitment to ensuring the well-being of its residents and international students. By prioritizing safety and security, we send a powerful message about the values and principles that underpin our society. New Zealand embraces diversity, fosters inclusivity, and promotes a safe environment for all.

Zealive, as an educational institution, firmly believes in the importance of community safety. We are committed to providing a secure learning environment that nurtures personal growth and development. Our collaboration with the Local Police Department is a testament to our dedication to the safety and security of our students, staff, and the wider community. Through this joint effort, we aim to empower individuals, cultivate awareness, and foster a strong sense of security within our community.

Your safety matters to us, and together with the Local Police Department, we are committed to making our community and all international students a safe haven for all. Together, let's build a community that prioritizes safety, where everyone can thrive and feel protected.

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