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Golf Short Course

Course Description

Established in 1995 as part of the Business College Education Group, Golf College was the first Golf College in New Zealand that offered NZQA registered qualifications. (Due to the impact of recent COVID-19 virus outbreak, we have stopped accepting intakes for our NZQA registered Golf certificates and Diploma programmes. We now only accepting intakes for our short-term golf courses.)

Our programmes and teaching resources are continually being updated and we believe we have the best Golf Programmes in New Zealand. Unlike many programmes, our programs are 70% practical skills which will improve your game and 30 % theory.

Various golf courses will be played throughout the year, which may include Akarana, Chamberlain Park, Formosa, The Grange, Gulf Harbour, Helensville, Howick, Manukau, Maungakiekie, Murawai, Omaha, Peninsular, Pukekohe, Pupuke, Redwood Park, Remuera, South Head, Titirangi, Waipu, Whangaparoa and Whitford Park.

The golf students will be coached using the SNAG method and equipment. Each different aspect of golf, including putting, chipping, pitching and driving requires different SNAG equipment. Similarly, golfers will be required to use different clubs to suit the aspect of golf being covered in each session.


All golf equipment will be provided to students each week as part of the course. However, students are responsible for their own ball costs.

Certification: Non-NZQA Registered Short Course

Duration: 2 days to 12 weeks
Tuition Hours: varies
Intakes: Weekly


Entry Requirements

  • Possess the appropriate immigration documentation.

  • Entry to the levels will be determined by an entry test.

  • Must have own golfing equipment.

  • Must show an interest in learning and improving golf skills.

  • Must have an interest in learning and improving English language skills.

  • Prospective students must have reached a minimum age of 16 prior to the commencement of the course before they are eligible to enrol.

Porgramme Structure

English and Golf Course

This course is designed to provide students with the opportunity to develop their communicative abilities in English and to provide students with the ability to develop their skill in playing golf . The course includes 3 days Golf per week and 2 days English per week. 

Short Courses

A variety of short courses are available that can be tailored to individual needs ranging from 2 days to 12 weeks. These are local courses and cater to small groups of people wanting to improve their golfing expertise and experience a variety of New Zealand Golf courses. Please request more information if you are interested in one of these courses. Please note that while many of the learning outcomes are the same, these courses are not NZQA registered courses.

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