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Business Short Course and Career Training

Course Description

To help you achieve your career goals we also offer a range of non-NZQA approved short courses which use resources that provide practical basics and up-to-date knowledge of the New Zealand business and employment environment.

The short course will provide a thorough grounding in the key elements of management managing the work and managing the people. You will learn how to create a sense of mission and purpose, communicate effectively, develop performance standards, plan and prioritise work, conduct effective team meeting and provide recognition to your teams.

Certification: Non-NZQA Registered Short Courses

Duration: 1 day+
Tuition Hours: varies
Intakes: Weekly


Entry Requirement

A minimum age of 16 years is required. Provide evidence of English language competence at a IELTS score of 5.5 with no band score lower than 5, or a TOEFL score of 500. International students must also possess an appropriate visa with a valid study condition.

Course Structure

Career Option Search Analysis

Course content:

  •    Four lessons three hours duration

  •    Exploring the market

  •    Matching the market opportunities with your career aspirations

  •    Matching your skills with market opportunities

  •    Planning how to achieve your aspiration in the current employment market

Writing an Effective Resume and Searching for Employment

Course content:

  • Five lessons three hours  duration

  • Preparing to search for employment

  • Developing your resume choosing your references

  • Writing employment letters/ preparing portfolios

  • Implementing an active employment search

  • Interviewing skills/career management

Employment Strategies for Success

Course content:

  •    Six lessons 3 hours each

  •    Essential skills

  •    Developing those skills – (five lessons)

Marketing and Sales

Course content:

  •    Eight lessons 3 hours each

  •    Marketing strategic planning

  •    Marketing demographics

  •    Market segmentation

  •    Product/service strategies

  •    Pricing strategies

  •    Distribution strategies

  •    Promotion strategies

  •    E-commerce strategies

Management Skills

Course content:

  •    Seven lessons 3 hours each

  •    Successful management

  •    Motivation/delegation

  •    Leadership and team-building

  •    Change management

  •    Stress management

  •    Conflict resolutions

  •    Performance evaluation

Customer Service

Course content:

  •    Six lessons 3 hours each

  •    Definition of customer service

  •    Effective communication

  •    Customer relationship management

  •    Customer challenges

  •    Avoiding pitfalls

  •    Customer feedback

Sales Essentials

Course content:

  •    Five lessons 3 hours each

  •    Sales motivation

  •    Sales process

  •    Sales management

  •    Handling objections

  •    Advanced sales skills

Starting a Small Business

Course content:

  •    Becoming an entrepreneur

  •    Writing a business plan

  •    Success and failure

  •    Business structures

  •    Branding

  •    Research

  •    Executive summary

  •    Market and product trends

  •    Environmental factors

  •    Marketing processes and target

  •    Market

  •    Four p’s

  •    Competition

  •    Cash flow projections


Course content:

  •    Definition of negotiation

  •    Strategies and styles

  •    Skills and tactics

  •    Obstacles

  •    Tips

  •    Preparation

  •    Conflict resolutions

  •    Understanding contract

  •    Negotiating a contract

Business Presentation

Course Content:

  •    Elements of a successful presentation

  •    Planning

  •    Designing

  •    Enhancing

  •    Delivery

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