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Pearson Language Tests

Course Description

This course aims to improve students' English language skills over short time of the period, in 4 weeks. It is structured to cultivate students'comprehensive English literacyskills, beyond simple listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Entry Requirement

  • International students must hold an appropriate visa with a valid study condition.

  • A minimum age of 16 years is required.

  • Students will be tested to place their English level before joining the class.

Course Structure

  • This course offers a 4-week long training with a total 80-hours.

  • Each class houses 4-6 students. Senior teachers from Zealive Institute will be answering questions and teaching essential skills to help students improve their scores in the shortest possible time.

  • Students are also eligible to participate in 10 hours of free vocabulary advanced tuition session every week to further improve their English skills.

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